OMG! Brews Games

Independent game developers are like craft breweries. We have the freedom to create imaginative products and take risks that larger companies cannot. At OMG! Brews Games there is just one person, working hard out of his home in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to explore that freedom and to create games full of fun and flavour.

“Plunk! the marble game,” OMG! Brews’ first game, is available on the Android, iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry Playbook platforms. It has reached Top 10 in Brain and Puzzle games for 19 countries on Google Play and, across all platforms, has over 5 million downloads.

OMG! Released their second game – Lost for Words – a relaxing and powerfully satisfying word game that incorporates a trivia component to challenge your brain in new ways and test your knowledge about everything.

OMG! Brews Games believes that microbrewed games — games created by small teams of software artisans — have more character than those designed by committee.
Let us know what you think of our microbrewed games, Lost for Words and Plunk!